Professional Water Diviner covering Greater London, S.E England and East Anglia

John BakerI discovered the ability to dowse in 1993, quite by chance and embarked on a great new adventure initially working with local archaeologists as I needed proof that that what I was 'picking up', did in fact exist and was not the result of feverish imagination. It wasn't!!

Older human habitations usually required access to a well for themselves and animals. This led to trying to find out if the well tapped into an underground spring or aquifer.


Things then moved on to finding water and other utility pipes. The fascination with water and how to access it grew year by year. Demand for a private water supply is increasing.


I have been involved in four T.V programmes from BBC 2 to Sky and have a published book, 'Adventures of a 21st. Century Dowser' available from the BSD www.britishdowsers.org or from Watkins Books, Cecil Court, off London's Charing Cross Rd.


I have recently produced a DVD showing how Dowsers work. This is available for sale here. While this will link to youtube and show a short sample.



When Dowsing saved using heavy equipment, possible damage, and a lot of time and money.


In these modern times, you may wonder why water diviners/dowsers are still in such demand in the 21st Century. Heres one reason, written by the client. (Click Here)



Water Dowsing covering Greater London,
S.E England and East Anglia

With the demand & cost for water increasing wells are once again being installed.


In this instance, the client was lucky in so far as water was dowsed at just over 14'0' down. The actual water when dug through a layer of sand was 14'0' (4.2m). This is extremely shallow & unusual.
The water here is for feeding a small holding with chicken, ducks & fruit trees watered.








The concrete rings are in two types, the lower ones are perforated to allow water ingress. The upper ones are plain & reduce surface contamination.


video link View this video on the BBC website



“I know very well that many scientists
consider dowsing as they do astrology,
as a type of ancient superstition.

"According to my conviction this is unjustified.
The dowsing rod is a simple instrument
which shows the uncanny reaction
of the human nervous system to
certain factors which are unknown
to us at this time.”

Albert Einstein: Letter to Mr. H. Peisach, 15 February 1946