DVD's for sale

A new DVD is available designed to encourage prospective dowsers to get involved in the most interesting and challenging area of dowsing.


DVD Cover photo


Namely ' Practical Dowsing'. Three experienced water diviners have come together to help you get involved with helping other people. It could change your life-it has ours!!!.


It covers 'how not to get lost ever again'

Another Youtube sample

How to follow underground water supplies-pipes etc.

Finding tunnels

How to mark out a sub surface structure


This quality DVD runs for about 40 minutes

See front cover for clues.


Please note this is only available to UK addresses.


Price £11.00 including P and P.




Please send a cheque to and made out to

J. Baker 68,Iron Mill lane. Crayford. Kent. DA1 4RR Please include your delivery address.