Problem Solving, is there another way?


If you’ve seen the brief video, I hope the following will flesh out  some details. When we are in our late teens’, we think we know everything. By the time we reach 40, we know that there is more to life than what we thought. We have all had strange? instances which defy logic. As William Shakespeare wrote’ ‘There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy’.

My journey  to problem solving started when I found I had an ability to dowse (divine-same thing)  and, just to prove I was not imagining things, started visiting archaeological  sites to test my ability.

I soon found that I could detect pretty well anything under the ground. This was based on a ‘need to know’.

Running a small company in the construction industry  when quoting to build a mezzanine floor for a  potential client, I needed to know! the thickness of the concrete slab and the hard core and also anything else under the ground. This information was never available at Building Control.

I found I could dowse the slab and hard core  thickness. This meant the baseplate size could be determined which enabled the design to go ahead. Obviously, local authorities would not accept dowsing as evidence, so we still had to do a diamond drill core sample for the local laboratory. The point is,  we could go ahead and build without waiting for the technical analysis. This gave us an advantage over other companies. Notice, ’the need to know’.

These days, I  am a professional water diviner helping people with leaks, lost pipes, ’lost’ wells and  finding boreholes. In other words, problem solving. My work takes me to large companies, private individuals and from a castle to a   terrace house. All my clients  have done well for themselves in their lives yet they are all aware of the efficacy  of dowsing. Anyone money obsessed can stop reading here, it is not about avarice.

More people  should be aware of their ability to dowse. We all have it in us, it’s just a question knowing it is there and how to access it.

For anyone interested, I’d be happy to visit small groups or individuals anywhere in London or South East England to show how to ‘open the door’  to obtain information.

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Albert Einstein knew all about dowsing, he referred to it several times in correspondence. ’Just because you don’t know how something works, doesn’t mean it can’t’.

Thank you for reading this.

John Baker