Water Dowsing Services

Currently on the books of borehole companies I endeavour to look for underground water and if found, should be able to give some idea of depth, flow rate and potability.


Can also search for 'lost' wells, mine shafts, pipes etc.down in the well
Sometimes asked to find leaks in pipes when not found by normal investigative methods.This means the search is not easy and may get one in three right. Still worth the risk as the next step is usually digging up lots of ground or pulling walls to pieces..


It must be stated that no one can be right every time. It is your risk.
Have worked for Local Authorities, The Forestry Commission, private land owners and given instruction to employees of the National Trust in various parts of the country.Refurbished well


Despite modern plumbing and access to water via a tap, it is surprising how useful a well can be if you have one. Finding and bringing one back into use is often an interesting and useful addition to big gardens where you can at least water plants and wash down cars.etc. It is often an interesting execise to find out what was dropped down them in the past, either by accident or on purpose.

 report of well tragedy

A word of warning. Most wells were never filled in, just the top few feet capped.With the passage of time, this 'cap' is starting to deteriorate and can lead to sudden dips appearing in a garden. If you think you may have a well, the best thing to do is get it checked out.




Water diviners/dowsers are available to try and find the best site for a bore hole, giving  idea of depth and flow rate.etc.
Tracing water pipes and possible leaks. searching for old or 'lost' wells.
searching for other possible water supplies such as  underground springs and aquifers..

John Baker demonstrating the use of the forked stick

Note. Dowsing is an art not a science. As in all things, there is no guarantee of success. It is at your risk whether you proceed  with given information or not


Areas Covered

Based near the Dartford river crossing, I have good access to East Anglia, the S.E of England, Home Counties and abroad. MAP


Would not rule out warm exotic locations if the opportunity arose!!