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Cartoon of ground penetrating Radar This is a ground penetrating radar machine. It is a nonintrusive method for finding concrete, asphalt, metals, pipes, cables or masonry underground. It also needs batteries or a power supply, a man with a van to deliver it, unload and re-load it, plus a trained operator and someone to interpret the results.

This is an experienced dowser, also a ground penetrating device, who can find anything you ask of them (within reason), including all of the above plus water, archaeology (by date if necessary), burials, treasure, even empty spaces such as vaults or voids. The only equipment he needs is two bent rods, and hopefuly a cup of tea afterwards? GPS Optional.

Obviously, the human being is more cost effective to use, with no need to take electromechanical equipment everywhere they go, and will be able to do the job sooner, more quickly and inevitably more cheaply. First resort, not last.

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