Commercial Water Divining

finding leaks


Here in the U.K we are blessed with good, clean, running water at the turn of a tap.
In the S.E. there is currently a ban on commercial bore hole drilling due to demands on what is available. The price of water is increasing and water metering is now often being installed on domestic and commercial sites. Only then do people find that there is a water leak on the property.
Finding leaks is probably the most difficult dowsing job to do as there could be more than one, sometimes water ‘puddles’ away from the actual discharge and in rare cases, through capillary action ,can go uphill!.
On industrial sites there is often a great raft of concrete and old buildings from previous ventures with a tangle of pipes under them. Finding a leak there is not easy..
In the photo, the construction site hit water and despite pumping it out, it rapidly filled again. But where was it coming from? The first thing to do was look for old pipes. Two were found and followed, one ended up emptying into a ditch about 100 yards away. The other one appeared ‘dry’.
So, we look for a natural cause and eventually ‘find’ an underground spring coming in at one corner. Only then was I told that the water entering was seen to be crystal clear. It was decided to intercept the spring with a pump and the bonus was that the Company had an extra supply of clean water if they wanted it.