These are a selection of commendations made for different water problems. It should be realized that water diviners are usually only called in when other attempts have failed so we get the most difficult problems to try and solve. We don't get them all right but when we do, we often save the client a great deal of money and turmoil.


We had a leak in our central heating, John Baker came and dowsed around the flat. He identified a leak to be in the corner of a cupboard with a removeable panel. The next day, our plumber came and located a pin hole leak in the next room. We had to drain the system in order to replace a section of pipe and then I remembered that the drain tap was exactly where John had dowsed. I don't think I would have remembered where the drain was without John's help, so he identified where a huge leak (draining the system) was to occur. Very useful as it turned out. Thanks, John.


From G.H. Sussex



Hi John

A belated thank you for taking time out last week and helping us here in Tunbridge Wells.


The results were quite amazing. It was pleasing to have our suspicions confirmed regarding both the route and blockage of the drain at the base of the bank as well as there being potential leakage from the reservoir tank above the lawns.


We were amazed though at your finding 4 additional drains running thwe length of the lawns (east to west). It's great to know that the 'infrastructure' is there for effective drainage of the lawns. Now our only consideration is whether - and how- the two 'culprits' can be unblocked.


Many thanks again.



Hi John

We discussed with you the roots that were growing into our bowls green.

You dowsed for them and a few days later we dug into the area that you identified and we found all 3 roots and dealt with them.

Many thanks for your help.

Peter Chandler
Hon. Secretary

Manor House Bowls Club


John, I would like to drop you a line and thank you for your assistance with the water leak in the lane at out camp site. Your help gave us confidence that we were digging in the correct position. Due to the length of the lane and not being able to locate the leak,this was a major problem. I am pleased to say that we have now successfully repaired the leak. You expertise saved us several thousand pounds. thank you one again for your professionalism and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who would need a similar service.
Kind Regards. C.B

Royal Greenwich district Scouts


Investigated possible well in back garden, dowsed and dug..
'After some steady rain, the old well sprung into life, has risen steadily and since found its own level'
B.J. from Whitstable
S.B Newbury.


Difficult water leak problem resulted in a return visit to site  and using map dowsing and on site work  found the source of the problem.
Client is happy to  confirm ability.  E.Mail paul.micallef@btinternet.com


'We took the plug out of the tank and water came gushing out of a stream behind the studio. You were spot on!.'
J.W in Cambs.


'Thank you very much for MAP DOWSING the historic site. The position you marked as a well, on closer inspection the site revealed a man hole and a water chamber of some description.'
C.P. Kelvedon.


'We are writing on behalf of John Baker to confirm that he dowsed our property for a well and subsequently, when we dug down, the well was found eight feet under the surface.
NOTE, The above story featured in a Living T.V programme. 'Jane Goldman Investigates'


' We are most grateful to you for visiting us to assist the Kota MamaV1 project in Bolivia. Your advice and instruction was much appreciated and we look forward to examining the possible location of rock that you indicated in the satellite photo.'

Scientific Exploration Society.

'The diggers came today and could not believe that anyone could gauge the depth of water so accurately.'


'Many thanks today for all your effort in tracing the water pipe network and source of the leak.'
second note from M.P.
'The contractors came today to find and fix the leak, as you predicted, the pipe was set in some kind of concrete foundation 4 foot down.'

M.P in Kent.


'I have now had Anglian Water to fully investigate and repair said leak and unsurprisingly, the leak was exactly where you suggested it might be.'

S.L Coggeshall


I couldn't believe it.


When you dowsed my Victorian home last October to check out the suspicious looking 'bunker' - thank you so much - you checked the year for me too. Well, a few days later the builder moved into the house and opened up the internal wall between kitchen and dining room to reveal a bricked archway.


Embedded in the top of the arch was an inch and a half fragment of newspaper. Guess what? The Latvian builder neatly choked himself because on that paper was the date that YOU had dowsed: 1927! It wiped the smug expression on his face, that's for sure. It's as though the house was literally talking back at us. It's astonishing.


Thanks once again for your generosity help. Your student!